10 Things Every 20 Something Girl Should Start Doing

Be it due to work, chasing targets or academics, we all are busy in our lives. And in the middle of this hustle, we ignore our hobbies and areas of interests. So to keep you on track, here are 10 things that every 20 something girl should take out time for despite of her busy schedule.

1. Wanderlust

Be it river rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving or any other thing on your bucket list, you must pursue your love for wanderlust. Whether you want to see sunset from Eiffel tower or sunrise from Himalayas, it’s your time to take off and fulfill your wishes.


2. Be Aware

Make some efforts to know what is happening around you. Read the newspaper in the morning or while you are travelling for work, browse through it on your online news feed.

3. Binge Watch

This is the right time to watch that critically-acclaimed show or movie that you have always wanted to watch and never got time for.

4. Read Books

Book reading is a must do thing for every avid reader. And to motivate yourself, read particular number of books in a specific time limit. To encourage reading habit, you can also start a book club with your friends.

Girl reading book in train

5. Work Out

Burning calories that you have consumed is very much important. And if you can’t join a gym then you should make little efforts to stay fit and healthy. Walk as much as you can, eat healthy, avoid lift and take stairs.

6. Health Checkup

Fix at least one physical health checkup appointment with your doctor in a month. It might be weight check, breast examination, a blood pressure checkup or blood test, doctor’s advice is necessary.

7. Family Time

As we hang out and spend time with our friends, we should also give time to our families. Family is also an important part of our life, now it’s our time to give them back all the love and affection that they have showered on us unconditionally.


8. Volunteering

Okay, volunteering might not be on your list but trust us, giving back to the society gives you the utmost satisfaction. You can visit an old-age home, dog shelter or can teach under privileged children free of cost.

9. Hobbies

If you have ever wanted to do gardening, learn French or pottery then these must be included in your to-do list.

10. Me time

Once, you are done with all the activities of the day and come back home, spend some alone time in your room calmly and peacefully. Take out time and pamper yourself.