11 Things Every Night Owl Does Between 12 AM And 5 AM

We are sure, you have done all of these things if pulling an all-nighter before an exam day is an easy job for you, if you love the dark, if exercising in the morning is impossible for you and if snooze buttons are a blessing-in-disguise for you. Read on to know!

1. In day, you plan your night but you procrastinate everything

When you feel sleepy during the day, you prepare a to-do list of the things that you want to do in night but you end up doing everything other than what was actually planned.

Creating todo list

2. This time period is the golden hour for every artist

These hours are the most productive hours of your day, if you are an artist. You get inspired to create and you fill blank canvas with your imagination.

3. You know all the night delivery food joints

You eat like a horse and all you can think about is food. You often get discounts for ordering food in large quantity and the food delivery guy knows you really well.

4. Playing on your play station for hours is your idea of bliss

You can’t remember a night when you haven’t played on your play station, do you?


5. You put your headphones on and keep your favorite playlist on the repeat mode

All night long, you listen to your favorite band with your headphones on. You get carried away in the world of music and lose track of time.

6. You can watch an entire season of your favorite series in one night

During these hours, your favorite movies and TV series get your maximum attention. Remember watching the entire season of Game of Thrones in one night? #beentheredonethat

7. You get lost in your thoughts and unanswered questions

With your legs sprawled on your bed, you think about the mysteries of death and life. Not only this, you also imagine having hypothetical conversations with your friends.


8. You talk for hours

At this time, you have deep conversations with people around you. You talk till the wee hours and people get to see this side of you very rarely.

9. You complete the important unfinished work

It’s that time when you enter the work mode. And the surprising element is that you complete the work within half the time.

10. In the night, you plan meticulously

You plan the rest of your life at this time. You identify your goals, make action plan and find ways to stick to it.

11. Silence is your night buddy

Not uttering a word all night is nothing unusual for you. You enjoy being alone and silence is your company.