10 Things You Should Know Before You Lose Your Virginity

Sex is not just a physical need, but it has so much to do with your mindset, intimacy, and compatibility with your partner. Yes, we know that lovemaking is your decision completely but here are few things you should know before having sex.

1. You Don’t Have To Get Intimate Under Peer Pressure

Get this in your head; you don’t have to get physical forcefully because it should be your call completely, whether to have it or not. Have sex, when you are physically and mentally ready and same goes for your partner as well.


2. Bleeding During Sexual Intercourse Is Normal

Having bleeding during the sexual intercourse is absolutely normal and is being overhyped. Not everyone bleeds but if you do then it is pretty normal, and you don’t have to worry about that.

3. Different Types Of Contraceptives Available

Ample amount of contraceptives are available in the market these days which you can use before getting intimate. You can either opt for female condoms or guy condoms for protection. Oral contraceptives are also another option to be on the safer side.

4. Foreplay Is Also Important

Apart from giving you the pleasure and building up the excitement, foreplay also helps you in lubricating naturally and makes you comfortable in the new situations. With the help of foreplay, your first time becomes less painful.


5. Sexual History Of Your Partner And STDs Tests

Be aware of the sexual history of your husband/boyfriend, and before having sex, you both should get yourself tested for STDs. Prevention is better than cure so, don’t feel embarrassed about it!

6. If It Hurts Much Then Stop It

Not everyone feels the pain for the first time, but if you do, then it’s okay. But if your pain becomes unbearable then it’s better to stop then and there and figure out the reason behind the pain. It could be your position, your partner might be doing it too fast, you could not lubricate sufficiently, or you are just too nervous. You can stop your partner as many times you want.

7. Your Body Will Change After Sex

Your body undergoes several changes after having sex like firmer breasts, sensitive nipples, contraction and expansion of vagina, etc. These changes are normal, and you don’t have to be tensed about it. Just a little piece of information before your first night!


8. Not Using Protection During The First Time Sex Can Make You Pregnant

If you are doing it for the first time without using protection, then you can become pregnant after that. It’s always better to use proper protection if you don’t want to have a baby.

9. Latex Allergies

You should know whether you or your partner have a latex allergy or not. If you have then don’t use latex condoms rather go for different type of condoms like polyisoprene condoms, polyurethane condoms, etc.

10. Your First Time May Not Be That Awesome But It Gets Better With The Time

You must have heard about the proverb ‘practice makes man perfect’, same goes in the context of sex as it gets better with time.