8 Things You Will Only Understand If You Can’t Say “NO” To Anyone

1. You are always a confirmed guest to everyone’s party by default

Because they know you can’t say no to their invitations.

2. You always end up wasting your time in an event even if you never wanted to be a part of it

9/10 events suck!

3. You always end up helping people by going out of your way

You have helped everyone move. Everyone.

4. You always promise yourself to start saying “NO” to others

But you always break your own promise.

5. You are always in doubt when you think to say “NO” to your friend

Because you feel that if you say “NO”. It might affect your friendship.

6. Your close friends always take stands for you

Because they know you can’t say “NO”. So they say it on your behalf.

7. In case if you say “NO” to someone you over think about it

What the heck did I just do?

Girl thinking

8. You are too innocent to believe that people are cheating you

Trust me, people do use those who are innocent and kind hearted.