11 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She’s NAKED In Front Of Her Boyfriend For The First Time

Are you flipping out about being naked in front of your partner for the first time? Don’t worry because you’re not the only one and every woman has been through this. It’s easy to feel conscious about your looks, body and yourself when naked. There are thousands of thoughts running in your mind and here are some of them listed:

1. “Well, this is the actual and real me.”

2. “Why is he staring? Is my hair not proper?”

3. “Are my boobs not properly shaped?”

4. “Please give me the blanket. It’s cold.”

5. “Did he notice that I haven’t shaved? Will he think I’m messy?”

6. “I should have removed my clothes in a more sexy way, right?”


7. “Oh crap! How do I turn the lights off?”

8. “Should I try some sexy look and maintain an eye contact?”

9. “I need a mirror to ensure I look fine.”

10. “Should I unhook the bra for him or he’ll do it just fine?”

11. “Oh! My moves are pretty good huh!