10 Amazing Tips And Tricks To Avoid Panty Lines

Sometimes we buy our favorite pants with much excitement but can’t wear them because it shows off those unwanted panty lines. Not just pants but also different outfits which are lying in our closet and we are not able to wear them because of the same reason. Yes, going for a commando is the easiest way to avoid panty lines but trust us; it is not the best one. So, here are some genius tricks which you can use to avoid those unflattering panty lines and wear that well-fitted pencil skirt.

1. Seamless Is The Best

The basic purpose is to wear underwear which can make you feel like a commando. Yes, you get that right, it is seamless. Laser cut edges are there on seamless panties which are not properly visible and the material is made up of elastic.


2. Pick Prints

If you want to wear tight gym leggings or a short skirt, then you should definitely invest in busy print panties. Prints can easily disguise your panty lines than a solid colored panty. While wearing print panties, there are chances that still may be visible, but they will surely not stand out.

3. Try Thongs

Get used to G-strings and thongs. The best part about these is that they don’t have any fabric so that nothing will be shown under your outfit. Yes, we know they are uncomfortable to wear, but you will get used to it with time. Try wearing them for short period of time at first then eventually wear it for the longer time. Always buy the correct size.


4. Choose Colors Wisely

Never ever wear undergarments which show through your clothes. For example – wear a skin color panty under white pants. Always remember that any light colored or white outfit under which your undergarments are visible, wear skin colored panties or ones similar to your skin tones. Dark underwear under light colored outfit will be more visible and look gross.


5. Fantastic Fabric

If you choose a thick fabric, then you can easily wear tight outfits without thinking much about panty lines. Don’t opt for jersey or silk fabric because it is very much difficult to avoid panty lines under this fabric. Wear this fabric under less fitted outfits.

6. Well Fitted Slip

Wear a well-fitted slip under tight outfits to avoid panty lines immediately. The slip will give you a sleek look by hiding your innerwear at the same time. A skin color slip is a must buy as it goes well with every colored outfit.

7. Layering Can Work

One of the best options you can try to hide panty lines is layering your outfit with pantyhose. Try this idea in cooler months so, you won’t feel uncomfortable.

8. Shapewear

If you are not comfortable with seamless panties and thongs, then try boy shorts or shape wear. Panty lines are not visible under boy shorts as it doesn’t cut cross your butt. Invest in shape wear which extends to your thighs and can give you a smoother finish. For best results, wear thigh shaper or slimming hip.


9. Perfect Size

Always buy a perfect size for yourself as a tight one can really dig into your skin which will ultimately cause unflattering lines whereas loose one can look lumpy.

10. Think Before Buying

You must think twice before buying any outfit. Don’t buy transparent or too tight outfits unless you really want them. While trying that outfit, check it from all the sides and notice visible panty lines. Buy a good innerwear if you want to wear a well-fitted outfit.