10 Trending Relationship Slangs You Must Know

With emerging online dating apps, our lives have been changed completely. Now a relationship is not simply known as a relationship anymore as several slangs have also been associated with it. Thus, if you are also in a relationship or planning to get into a relationship, here are 10 relationship slangs you must know.

1. Textationship
A relationship in which texting is used as a primary mode of conversation is called Textationship.
E.g. – Textationship is the best as I am not required to put in so much effort to get the results.

2.  Chexing
When you and your guy are open for chat+sexting, you are in a chexing.
E.g. – No, we are not dating each other, we are just Chexing. *WINK*

3. Relationblip
A relationship which lasts long for few months and where both the partners don’t care for each other’s feelings is relationblip.
E.g. – We were going great in the beginning but now we are in a Relationblip

4. Situationship
A couple who is in a relationship where there is no label like ‘friends with benefits’ is in a situationship. They are together just because of the situation and are not interested in serious dating.
E.g. – I got into a Situationship because my parents were pressurizing me for marriage.


5.  Masturdating
When you enjoy your own company and go alone for movies or dinners. It’s just like dating yourself.
E.g. – Relationships are annoying, I’d rather be Masturdating.

6. Flirtationship
When you just flirt with your friend or someone you know and nothing more than that.
E.g. – Until I get to know him better, I want to be in a Flirtationship with that guy.

7. Crackship
It is a relationship that is too crazy to be real as it involves every types of fandom.
E.g. – Your fandom for Ranbir Kapoor is not a relationship but a Crackship.

8.  Cuffing
In a cuffing relationship, boyfriend gets jealous if his girlfriend is friends with other guys. And he tries to ‘cuffs’ her i.e stops her from doing so.

E.g. – Amit keeps Ria cuffing all the time.

9. Vacationship
It is a long distance relationship where both the partners get together for vacations or trips.
E.g. – We are happy with our Vacationship.

10. Delaytionship
A relationship which does not go beyond chats or emails is delaytionship.
E.g. – It was just a Delaytionship and nothing more than that.