10 Uber Chic Ways To Change Your Hair Without Dyeing It

Want to change your hair game without coloring it permanently? Well! Here are 11 easy ways to transform your hair without dyeing It permanently. Thank us later!

1. Try different part

Once you flip your hair to the other side, you will look different. If you take out side partition then try a middle part for a new look. Changing your part is a win-win situation as it will also add volume to your hair.

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2. Change your hairstyle

Leave your hair open if you always keep them tied up in a ponytail or try making different braids, if you leave your hair open always. Break the monotony by trying a new hairstyle.

3. Use accessories

Be it using hair gems or floral headbands, try hair accessories to revamp your look.

4. Hair extensions

If you want to color your hair and don’t know if it will suit you then go for hair extensions of that particular color. In this way, you’ll be able to figure out if you want this look without really dyeing your hair.

5. Get a new haircut

It’s time to chop the locks ladies! Be it bob or just bags, get a new haircut and change your boring look.

6. Hair chalk

Loved mermaid and rainbow hair on Instagram and Pinterest feed? Use hair chalks to get your hair temporary colored. Isn’t it cool?

7. High ponytail

If you have long mane then tie it up in a high ponytail. You can try the hidden ponytail trick if you have short hair.  Into 2 vertical sections, divide your hair. Make a high ponytail of the top section hair and right below the one on the top, tie up the rest of your hair in another ponytail. And you are done!

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8. For beachy waves? Add texture!

Use sea salt spray to give a boost to your hair. Beachy waves are great for summer look and also add volume to your thin hair.

9. Wet hair look

Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, this is the favorite red-carpet look of celebrities. Go for a sleek wet slick back ponytail or leave your hair open in cascading waves.

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10. Use hairstyling tools

Use a curling iron to jazz up your usual hairstyle, if you have straight hair. On the other hand, straighten your hair for a sleek look if you have curly tresses. Make subtle changes to transform your look.