Everything You Need To Understand About An Underboob Bra

We all know that the most important function of a bra is to support our boobs. It doesn’t matter whether we are wearing a sports bra, t-shirt bra or a balconette, the main function of all these bras is to hold, lift and cup our boobs into the right place. But do you know that the design of this newest bra is opposite of all other bras we have been wearing since ages?

These new bras are called underboob bras and don’t you dare to think that they will support your breast in keeping them in the right place because they are totally different from the regular bras. This bra doesn’t have the bottom half. No, we are not joking and before you ask WHY, here are few things which you need to understand about this bra- this newest bra was designed when our fashion icons started wearing super-super crop tops and showed off the underside of their boobs. Crazy isn’t it?


The first underboob bra was designed by the brand Honeydew and other brands simply followed them by making similar bras. After observing designs and cuts of this newest bra, we think that these are not made up for girls with average sized boobs or bigger boobs, all thanks to gravity! Unless you don’t want to do anything for the whole day and just want to lie on a horizontal plain, these bras are of no use as they don’t provide any support to your boobs.

We still want to show off our cleavage and are not sure of any sort of underboob bras peeping out of our tops. What’s your take?