10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Should Own

1. Plain White Tee

Is there anything more essential than a plain white t-shirt? This is a must have in your wardrobe. You can pair it up with almost anything. With a leather/Bomber Jacket, Jeans, skirt, pants, over a tank top, under a sweater, leggings, with shorts! Anything! A white t-shirt can never go out of style.


2. Boyfriend Jeans

They are cute, comfy and are meant to look worn out and loose. They are super stylish and look super cool. Pair them up with a crop top, t-shirts, tank tops, loose tops.

3. An Elegant Blazer

A fitted well-tailored blazer for summers and winters is essential for an office going woman. You should definitely have a blazer in your wardrobe; it can never go wrong. You can even throw it up with your cocktail dress in the breezy winters.

4. Black Jeggings

From past 2-3 years jeggings are so in and believe me, they are here to stay. One of the best creations of the fashion world, jeggings are super smart and stylish. Whether on a date, party, college, shopping, casual stroll you can always wear them. It can be paired up with any color. With any top- crop, fitted t-shirt, loose t-shirt, tank top, stripped t-shirts, bralet, sweaters, jackets. If you still don’t have them, you better get one.

5. Classic Black Pants

Every girl needs a pair of a classic black pants in her wardrobe. For a formal event or for work, high rise or low rise black pants look absolutely amazing and smart. You can pair them up with a silk blouse or a t-shirt to give a cool look. You should just know how to pair it up.

6. Denim

Dark/light/washed out, you should definitely have one of them. The best part is you can wear them again and again, and people won’t question you because they do the same. Wear them anywhere they will forever remain classic.

7. A Classic White Shirt

Nothing can be classier than a crisp button- down-white shirt. From girly to edgy cutouts, you can pair it up with a blazer, denims, black pants, pencil skirt, add your own touch to it and you good to go.


8. LBD( Little Black Dress)

It is a must and will never ever go out of fashion. On a date night, for a party or even out in the sun. An ‘LBD’ will never disappoint.

9. Striped shirt

How many tops can look sexy with a pencil skirt, shorts or relaxed denims? I can’t think of many. But a striped shirt can go with them. Giving a relaxed laid back look, this should become one of your essentials.


10. High Waisted Shorts

Be it Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delvingne, you, everybody is in love with them. They are trendy, comfortable, cool and stylish. You can pair them up with a crop top, a bralet, fitted top. They can be worn for college, date, concerts, and parties. I would definitely recommend you this.