9 Reasons Why You Should Be Sleeping Naked

1. The freedom!

Yes! Freedom! From every single piece of cloth on your body. Just you and your soft sheets. No elastics of your pajamas or those irritating bra straps!


2. Say no to skin diseases…

Now that your skin is getting a chance to breathe, blood now flows freely too! There can be a build-up of bacteria in the tiny little pores in the suffocated skin, but now you can avoid them.

3. You can stay *Forever Young*

Sleeping naked maintains a healthier temperature of your body which promotes the optimum functioning of the hormone “melatonin.” And girls it is an anti-aging hormone. Do I need to tell more!!!!


4. Now say no to belly fat too!

At that optimum temperature, the levels of hormone cortisol decreases. It’s a good thing! Because the high level of cortisol results into *forever* food cravings, which I don’t think is the thing girls want in their lives!

5. Smiling sex organs!

Even you’ll smile. Free from every barrier when your body gets a chance to breathe, results in a happier version of yours!


6. Makes you high on self-confidence

If you sleep naked with your partner, it may help boost up your confidence too! You may not like it for the first time, but after some time, you won’t even care about how you look naked.

7. The high quality of sleep…

An Australian study shows that a wrong body temperature can stop you getting to sleep and stop you reaching the deeper stages of your beauty sleep!

Girl sleeping on bed

8. Boosts Oxytocin levels!

Oxytocin is a feel good and happy hormone. It has all positive effects like reducing stress, depression and high blood pressure too! So sleep naked and get your happy hormone.

9. Increased intimacy!!!

While sleeping naked with your loved one will boost up your love life. You’ll find yourself having more of those special intimate moments.

So now you can save money by not buying those pajamas!!!