According To Researchers – Women Require More Sleep Because Of Complex Brain Activity

All the women out there who have been told that men work harder and therefore need more sleep can now give a tight slap in their face because that’s not true. Studies say that women’s mind perform complex brain activity. Women multi-task and use a lot more region of the brain than men. Thus, the mental energy expenditure is more for women than men.

The most important function of sleep is to repair and recover our brain from the exhausting activities of the day. During our sleep cortex, part of the brain accountable for language, memory and so on, frees itself from the senses and starts recovering. Since women tend to function mentally a lot more than men, they need more time to repair and recover through sleep.

Girl sleeping on bed

In a study conducted in 2014, 949 people were tested. It showed that within each brain hemisphere men’s brain had a connection, while women’s brain had connections between two hemispheres. This is the reason men are inclined to have “tunnel vision” while women are good at multi-tasking.

Also, women tend to gather and process information 5 minutes faster than men and comparatively use less of their brain to perform any identical cognitive activity. This comes with a setback. Women’s brain is more vulnerable to damage than men. Even if men’s brain is damaged, they recover quickly and completely.

In another study 210, middle-aged men and women were studied. The study found that women on an average need 20 minutes more of sleep than men. Men who have mentally demanding jobs, where they are involved in decision making or lateral thinking, also need more sleep than normal men, but still less than women.

The study also found that lack of sleep has a number of side effects among women. There’s an increased level psychological grief, depression, anger, and hostility. Men showed no such distress. Such side effects can be countered with appropriate measures. Women can improve their sleep quality by setting up a routine and following it strictly every day. Also, stimulating foods like caffeine, theobromine, and sugar should be avoided before sleep. Meditation relaxes your brain and thus helps you fall asleep easily. Yoga again keeps your mind and body relaxed and fresh and helps you get a good quality sleep.

So women, now that you know how important sleep is for both your mind and body, make sure you take a good quality sleep. Help yourself grow mentally and physically!