9 Things You’ll Get If You Have A Crush On Your Friend’s Brother

Yes, friends are awesome but friends with elder brothers are more awesome! They provide free rides to you and your friends and also introduce you to the cooler crowd. And it won’t be your fault if you form a bit of crush on them. So, here are 9 things that happen when you like your friend’s brother.

1. You stay at your friend’s place  little more

You are just like their family member and your one set of toothbrush and towel is also there in her house.

2. You keep a check on him when you are at her home

You look around to check if he’s at home.

3. You call your friend on her landline number deliberately

Just in the hope of hearing his voice.

4. You become happy when her parents ask him to look after you both

‘Butterflies in stomach’

5. You wait for your friend’s birthday excitedly than your own

Because he will also be there in the party with you.

6. You dress up more when there are chances of seeing him

Even if it’s a sleepover

7. You are no longer interested in immature boys now

Who wants to date awkward boys?

8. You stalk him through your friend’s facebook account

And hit like on all his pictures without any worry.

9. You stalk his girlfriend too

She is your biggest enemy and you bitch about her.