10 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Your Wedding Day Lingerie

Many brides-to-be asked us this question ‘what type of lingerie I should wear under my wedding dress? Yes, we know that just like your wedding outfit, you also want your wedding lingerie to be perfect. As it will flatter your body and you have to feel good in it.

So for all the brides-to-be, here are few tips you should keep in mind while choosing your wedding day lingerie.

1. When Is The Right Time To Shop?

There is absolute no hurry when it is about buying your wedding day lingerie because you can do that at the last time.  You should wait for your lehnga fittings first then only you will be able to decide that what kind of lingerie you will need under it. You will be able to figure out the type your bra needs, types of straps and kinds of panties required to flatter your curves.

8-visible-panty-lines bridal-lingerie

2. Bra Or Padded Blouse?

Are you confused between the two? There are two ways to figure this out. With the help of padded blouse, there will be no peek-a-boo moments with the straps. Whereas, your breast will get right support and defined shape required through perfect size and type of bra. Opt for pads if your blouse design is deep-necked or sleeveless otherwise go for a bra.

3. Try Shapewear

If you are feeling conscious with bulginess, then you must invest in shapewear. A good shape wear will give a smooth finish to your curves. To get a perfect size, you can also consult professional at the store.

4. Experiment With Seamless

Seamless undergarments are the savior! Because most of the brides wear lehngas with lots of layers and flare so you definitely don’t want your undergarments to show their seams. If you are wearing a lehnga with single layer, then you can go seamless as laser cut edges of seamless undergarments are not visible.


5. Measure Your Size

Measuring your bra size is very much important. So if the bra you are wearing is comfortable then even also you should measure your size again. We are sure that, you don’t want strap marks, bulges and improper bras which don’t provide required support to your boobs.

6. Looks Matter

Yes, look does matter but don’t make it your first and foremost concern. Buy few sets of bras which not only make you feel good but also are comfortable in wearing and well fitted. So that if you want something seductive, then you can always switch to that quickly. Just keep this in mind that you will be going to wear this innerwear throughout the wedding so don’t compromise on the comfort.


7. Check The Fabric

There is no doubt that silk undies look great while trying but trust us; it is not at all good choice for long hours. You can feel sweaty down there if you will choose stuff like Lycra and Nylon as they trap heat and moisture. So if you don’t want rashes then go for breathable fabrics like cotton.

8. Don’t Try New Thing

Avoid using any kind of undergarments which you haven’t tried yet. You may feel uncomfortable in nipple pasties, silicone cups or thongs for the first time. If you can’t wear them then simply avoid it and don’t lend up yourself in any kind of awkward situations. But if you still want to wear them then get the hang of them before the D-day.


9. Color Game

You should choose the color of your bra and underwear wisely. If you have the wedding in the morning and you are wearing a lehenga of light fabric then don’t wear dark undergarments under that. On the other hand, harsh lighting at the venue can be a spoilsporter. To be on the safer side, do not wear lingerie which is too dark or too contrast for your wedding outfit.  Wear nude-toned lingerie to avoid any blunder.

10. Last Minute Alterations

This happens every damn time! As many brides go on a fitness diet before their wedding day to look perfect. Clearly, understand the exchange policy of the lingerie store and safely keep all the receipts with you. Undergarments are expensive, and we are sure that you definitely want to keep those pieces which no longer fit.