6 Things You Should Thank Your Guy Bestie For

Undoubtedly having a girl bestie is awesome who is our sister-like but every girl must have a guy best friend in her life. One of the best treasures of a human is male best friend who deserves to be cherished and held on to for a lifetime. When it comes to giving suggestions or opinions, boys are more honest and forgive things easily. Yes, he might be annoying sometimes but he has always got your back. Thus, you should never take him for granted and thank him for everything he has done for you. Wondering what these things are? Here’s the list!

1. Thank him for not judging your food choices or not making you feel guilty about your weight. He helps you in pigging out and never tells you that you’ve had enough.


2. On several situations, thank him for giving the male perspective. He has always helped you out in every situation and has got your back. Also, don’t forget to thank him for being the official guy text decoder.

3. Be it your dress or accessories, thank him for giving honest views on how they look on you. And this is how he has saved you from getting embarrassed in front of strangers.

4. Thank him for listening to your rants and emotional drama.

5. Thank him for understanding the ‘real’ you. Neither he treats you like an object of desire nor does he judge you on what he saw.

6. Thank him for listening to your problems and providing solutions for them. He understands you very well and you can talk about anything with him.